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My name is David Vann, great-great-great grandson of ‘Chief’ Rich Joe Vann of the Old Cherokee Nation.  I am a Charter Lifetime Member of the Cherokee National Historical Society’s, First Families of the Cherokee Nation and member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) .  However, I am not a carded member of any Cherokee tribe nor I am affiliated with the Cherokee Nation or the Eastern Tribe. The purpose of this page is to help other people connect to their Cherokee roots.  To aid in this task, I have included Native American ancient and modern history, society, religion, folklore, culture, sports, medicine, and a large slice of VANN genealogy.  You can go to the Index above for more information, or type below what you are looking for.

This saga began in 1907, when my great grandmother Sarah Vann applied for admission to the Miller Roll.  In the 1930’s, my grandfather Joseph Daniel Vann wrote letters to the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma, seeking his ancestry.  In the late 1950’s my father Joseph Harold Vann, hired professional genealogists to construct a family tree.  This project was a failure, so my father also wrote letters to the Cherokee Nation.  In the mid 1970’s I picked up the family ‘torch’ and began my research where the others had left off.  Please visit my Genealogy section to see the fruits of nearly a century of loving labor.  Research your Vann ancestors here, I have nearly all of them from about 1600 to 1906.

Thank you, great-grandmother, for leaving a ‘paper trail’.

Wado (thank you for listening)

David Vann (Iron Head)


Sadly, I am not able to monitor my email anymore and I cannot accept genealogy queries. There are many great websites out there dealing with genealogy that I am sure will be helpful for you. This site is merely informative.